Helka Ivanyi

Helka Ivanyi Kunststudentin an der Universität Wien BA Kunstgeschichte. Ich halte mich nachts mit verschiedenen künstlerischen Aktivitäten wach - Malerei, Textilkunst, Fotografie. Dies sind die drei wichtigsten, kategorisierbaren Gruppen.

"I like expressing my opinion in the language of visuality, or telling my stories, complaining, rejoicing. To give a face, a form, a gesture to my personal negative or even positive experiences, or to a larger scale event in the world, to which I, as an earthly inhabitant, have to react in my own language.

It feels very liberating to export intense emotions to my canvases. I would compare it to a big sigh that one holds back for a long time. In this case, a big, colorful, surrealistic sigh. This is why I see my paintings as visual diaries."

Honors, Awards and Exhibitons:



2st place, Earl George Festetics Museum Collection "Women" Competition - participation on the exhibition (Hévíz, Hungary)

2st place, Új Nemzedék Competition - the prize was a trip to Romania

Participation on the BUD Airport Gallery Exhibition (Budapest, Hungary)

Participation on the "Fine Arts - Students" Exhibition (Budapest, A38 Boat, Hungary)


Participation on the Photo Biennal of Szeklerland (Sepsiszentgyörgy, Romania)


Own photo exhibition in Nappali (Pécs, Hungary)


Publication in the The Mind's Eye & AAP Magazine ( link1, link2)

Participation on the "Vizsga-remek" Exhibition (Nick Udvar, Pécs, Hungary)


Participation on the " IT ALL BEGAN SECRETLY exhibition/TITKOSAN KEZDŐDÖTT kiáll(ít)ás" (Kálvin tér (open air), Budapest, Hungary)


Participation on the "Borderless Reality" Groupexhibition (Trash Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria)

Article about the "Borderless Reality" Groupexhibition with radio broadcast: link

Participation on the Freeszfe Jótékonysági Aukció / Freeszfe Charity Auction 2021 (online auction)


Participation on Vienna Auction for Ukraine (online auction)

Merit Prize Award "PORTRAIT - 4" International Juried Art Competition by Art Show International Gallery (online, )

Featured Artist on de Curated from May to Aug 2022 ()

Featured Artist in Human Body is Art 2022 - contemporary art magazine, curated and published by Bruxelles Art Vue

Live painting at Ozora Festival (Ozora, Hungary)

Participation on the art exhibition of Ozora Festival (Ozora, Hungary)

Participation on the "Random" Groupexhibition (Trash Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria)

Participation on the "glokal_normal" Groupexhibition (Die|Aula exhibition series, Vienna, Austria)

Participation on "DTR-Dress To Represent" art event (The Location, Vienna, Austria)

Featured Artist in Goddessarts Magazine Issue 6

Participation on the "FEM GARAGE" Groupexhibition (The Highbrow Institute - Garage Grande, Vienna, Austria)


Featured artist in VYC ZINE No.001

Participation on the "VYC SPACE THE EXHIBITION" Groupexhibition (Spektakel, Vienna, Austria)

Participation on the "I paint muse, I paint your dreams" Groupexhibition (Make A Team Austria, Vienna, Austria)

Participation on the "UNRELEASED" Groupexhibition /AA Records ft. VYC\ (Vie i pee, Vienna, Austria)

Live painting at Ozora Festival (Ozora, Hungary)

Participation on the art exhibition of Ozora Festival (Ozora, Hungary)

Solo exhibition from 19.09-16.10 at Easy Art Space (Budapest, Hungary)

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Dancing Feet
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Helka Ivanyi

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