Pia Steiner

Studium der „Freien Kunst“ an der Kunstschule Wien

What I create, is who I am. It’s about the sacred state of creation, when I lose any sense of time, feel like dreaming but at the same time have never been so alive. I am setting my art with intentions. First of it all stands an emotion, a feeling, followed by a thought that thrives into a quote. I won’t be able to think about anything else until I bring it to paper, on a canvas, carving it into ceramics or writing it on to my bare skin. After the intention, comes the setting, I smudge the room, I light the candles, turn on the sound of deep humbling drums and mellow flutes. I move my body, move my brush, use my hands and build layer after layer. The state of creation is a liberating ritual, it’s like opening a door allowing my truest self to step through and take over control. In the center of my work stands personal growth, acceptance and forgiveness - it’s about finding the courage to embrace vulnerability. Ultimately it is my art, that sets me truly free.

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