Katya Quel

Katya Quel, a Berlin/Paris-based artist and curator, dedicates her artistic practice to triggering canonic forms, rebuilding them with fairy imaginary narratives juxtaposed with contemporary issues, all within a mix of multimedia materials.

Katya completed her studies in fine arts/sculpture at the KHB Weißensee in 2021 with her project “Iconostasis of Hypocrisy”. She studied in the class of Prof. Hannes Brunner. In 2019-2020 she completed two exchange semesters at Beaux Arts de Paris, France in the studio of Guillaume Paris.

In 2023 she also received her master's diploma.

Katya is actively exhibiting in Berlin, and also often involved in the shows around the globe - Paris, Barcelona, Mexico City, New York City, Milano, Copenhagen, Zagreb etc

Foto von Katya Quel

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Soccer Trophy Ball Third Place
125 x 40

1.200,00 €*
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130 x 40

1.200,00 €*
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150 x 40

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Simple Kindness
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1.800,00 €*
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