Charlotte Genser

Charlotte GENSER

Kunststudentin in Paris Ensad und HGB Leibzig mit Professorin Kerstin Drechsel.

Born in Paris, study and work between Leipzig HGB and Paris Ensad.

In 2022 I felt in love with Leipzig and decided to built my studio there. Since then I work, study and exhibit in between Paris and Leipzig.

There are no rules in my paintings, only things I have love and interest for. It's about the colors and the ideas I have and develop through the process.


Always working on something new. My main focus is always the colors. I try to catch atmosphere.


  •  COMMING IN 2024 - group show with artists from Paris and Leipzig. Will be exhibited in both citys. 
  • OCT 2023 "Lit Clit" - Duo show with Franziska Koch - No Parents at Similde, Leipzig 
  • JUN 2023 "May I sit" - Group exhibition -SOX, Berlin 
  •  APR 2023 "In Between" - Group exhibition - Halle 14, Leipzig 
  •  MAR 2023 "Cremaillère!"- Group show curated by Victoria Grandhanam - espace NONONO, Paris 
  •  FEB 2023 "Fresh Genau"- Group exhibition - HGB, Leipzig

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Atelier 10.23
20.5 x 28
charlotte genser

430,00 €*
25 x 12
charlotte genser

260,00 €*
franzi mit roter kappe
25 x 20
charlotte genser

320,00 €*
Blanc de Titane
22.5 x 12.5
charlotte genser

250,00 €*
40 x 30
charlotte genser

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RB23 rose
40 x 60
charlotte genser

700,00 €*
81 x 51
charlotte genser

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cool strong love
140 x 100
charlotte genser

1.680,00 €*

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