Wie ist die Liebe

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Ölpastellkreide auf Papier

Meine Inspirationsquellen sind meine Gefühle, emotionalen Ereignisse und Beobachtungen, die sich im Malmoment als Form und Farbe wiederfinden.

The process of drawing is so amazing for me, and The time which I am involved with it is really enjoyable.
When I am in the mood of drawing, It does not matter what I draw, it could be the nearest object to me, like my feet or hands, it can be drawing myself in a mirror, or maybe sitting in a drawing club or whatever...
The meaning and purpose of drawing for me is enjoying moments of this action, I love short time drawing,even sometimes I draw with closed eyes.



Sujet: Zeichnung
Größe: A3
Höhe: 40 cm
Breite: 30 cm
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