JANUARY, 16 2014

285,00 €

Material: Kohle und Beeswax auf Leinwand



JANUARY, 16, 2014
After 4 days at work without sleep I could manage to get a little rest. On the way to the beach, on the road, we pass by pineapple sellers. The image stays in my mind forever. I love these constructions, I can feel the smell of the ocean and get once again the freedom and joy that made me smile on that day. So I tried to reconstruct in a foreign land pieces of a local memory. Without looking at my Instagram picture that dates from JANUARY, 16, 2014
- What I'm actually relating in this Installation is my memory and each piece is a memory of that precise day. I'm sharing my memory with the viewer. -
Sujet: Gemälde
Größe: A3
Länge: 12 cm
Höhe: 32 cm
Breite: 27 cm
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