bebe 8000, Stein und Holz (140 x 58)

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Stone Symposium Åsgard Norway 2019

Stone sculpture combined with wood, stone, a very old friend when we compare it with our time in this world. 
Working with stone has a very grounding energy, a direct mirror of the situation your personally in. 
Most of the sculptures we have been making are standing strong on the ground. Unmovable it stands on the place where it stands. 
And because of this I decided to let the stone move, moving around like a light walking creature. 
I combined the round shapes of stone with wood and now it walks away on a little road looking for somebody to play with. 
The round shapes are a kind of sensuell female shape. 
A place where I start to dream.

Sujet: Skulptur
Größe: >A0
Höhe: 140 cm
Breite: 58 cm
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